Invoice Finance





发票融资是一种非常受欢迎的替代金融产品,因为它是根据公司未付发票的价值提取的。 与其让企业等待数月才能收到资金,它可以从信誉良好的发票融资提供商处申请此类资金,并且几乎可以立即获得资金。 如果企业发现自己因未付发票中的大量资金而无法应对,他们可以向我们寻求帮助。



Here at New World Finance we have a consultative, solution-driven approach. Our in-house team have extensive expertise to support you through the process, as well as the ongoing management of your cash flow. Our invoice finance solutions can be used alone or combined with any other invoice finance facility.

Initial face-to-face meeting
Indicative terms issued by New Workd Finance
We complete an onsite survey and asset valuations
Offer approved by us and documentation issued
We pay out your funds

Is Invoice Finance right for your business?

If any of the following apply to your business, our Invoice Finance with Sales Ledger Management service could meet your needs:

Key benefits

Improve your cash flow by releasing working capital tied up in unpaid invoices

Avoid the hidden costs of providing extended credit to your customers

Secure funding that grows in line with your sales.

Protect your profits with our Credit Protection facility

Save time and keep up-to-date with your account using our online service

Focus on running your business as your dedicated Credit Controller will take care of your sales ledger


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting a Invoice Finance. That’s why we’ve tried to make the process as easy as possible for all.